WaPo honors gay radio host who told gay GOP voter to drink arsenic

WaPo honors gay radio host who told gay GOP voter to drink arsenic

If it’s Sunday, it’s time for the LGBT genuflections in The Washington Post. The cover of Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine preaches the gay gospel again. Over an illustration of one groom helping another groom to the top of a wedding cake is the headline “The Gay Moment: How we got to a new American reality.”

Post editor Erica Johnston profiled gay activists Michelangelo Signorile and Human Rights Campaign boss Chad Griffin as major players in today’s allegedly glorious embrace of the gay agenda. The article begins with Signorile being a major jerk to a future pope and other celebrities:


Signorile was presented as controversial, but correct to bring shock tactics to the battle. Johnston didn’t go to conservatives for reaction, who might have brought up his hateful 2012 gaffe on his satellite-radio program on the “OutQ” channel of Sirius XM. He told a gay Republican voter, “You are the epitome of a low-information voter, Wes. You should not be allowed to vote.” Even worse, he added “He [Romney] does not think gay people should be protected from discrimination. Now you went and voted for him. It would have been much easier to go to the store, and buy some arsenic, and make a potion and take it.”

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