Folks, it’s not ‘panicking’ if Team Obama really is incompetent

Folks, it’s not ‘panicking’ if Team Obama really is incompetent

Are those of us questioning the administration’s Ebola policies and plans panicking about the disease? Are we trying to spread panic?

It’s a legitimate question…

The problem isn’t so much that the White House has their facts wrong. The problem is that because they have little credibility, their reassurances about having everything under control and that it could never happen here ring hollow. …

It doesn’t matter if they think they know what to do. It matters that they have shown in the past that facts are of little value when incompetent execution of policy, or developing the wrong policy, leads to disaster. …

It is not “panicking” nor is to an attempt to spread panic when legitimate questions about public policy — and the ability of those whose responsibility it is to implement that policy — are asked. But apparently, recommending precautions that the administration says are unnecessary (regarding a disease with a mortality rate of over 50%) is grounds for some to accuse critics of trying to spread hysteria.

Here’s David Nather writing in Politico:

For once, President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are on the same page. At separate briefings on the Ebola crisis, Obama administration officials and Perry have delivered the same message: Don’t panic — the health authorities know what they’re doing.

But for other Republicans — and conservative media outlets — it’s time for panic. …

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