Ayotte: Obama likely to slack off on ISIS after the election

Ayotte: Obama likely to slack off on ISIS after the election

[Ed. – TPM is horrified.  Everyone else shrugs, because of course it’s true.]

“I think we have a problem where the president’s foreign policy is being trapped by his campaign rhetoric,” Ayotte began during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “I’m very fearful as we look at the current military strategy that it is surrounding the November elections and he won’t have the resolve to follow through with what needs to be done in a sustained effort to destroy ISIS, and we’re about to repeat the same thing with Afghanistan,” she added, referring to the effort to withdraw American troops from that country.

Asked directly by host Chris Wallace if she was “suggesting that after the November election and acting tough and talking tough, that he will pull back from confronting ISIS,” Ayotte responded that she was.

“I’m very concerned about that, Chris, and his resolve in this regard.”

There is no evidence that Obama plans to abandon the fight against ISIS. …


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume agreed with Ayotte’s assessment:

I think it’s beginning to look more and more as if our effort is inspired by politics and the nearing election, as were the previous efforts in Iraq. … My sense is that after he gets past this election, his effort to take down ISIS, I don’t think it’s something he deeply believes in. I don’t think he could possibly believe in the approach he’s taken, [it] will subside as Kelly Ayotte fears.

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