NY SAFE Act, ‘gun-free zones’ are boons for rapist-kidnapper

NY SAFE Act, ‘gun-free zones’ are boons for rapist-kidnapper

[Shane] Harding had attempted to kidnap and rape a woman on Tuesday in a gun free zone super market parking lot.  Lucky for the woman she was able to fight him off since Harding was using a bb gun at the time.  Unfortunately he made a second, successful attempt later that day using a real gun.

This gun was illegally obtained by the way, since Harding is a Level 3 registered sex offender after being convicted of violently raping a 17 year old girl in 2008 and was released in January after serving 6 years.  …

Too bad for Harding’s second victim of the day.  He forced the second woman at gun point (a real gun this time) to drive him from Troy, NY over the state border to Hancock, Massachusetts where he raped her.  Then forced her to drive him back to Troy.  A round trip of about 50 miles, the reasoning for the trip across state lines remains a mystery.  He released his 2nd victim and then forced a third person, this time a man to drive him to Saratoga county to another gun free zone…Skidmore College. …

Once again: violent rapist gets released from jail, during an 18 hour crime spree gets a gun DESPITE the SAFE Act, chooses gun free zones to attack victims and is finally caught on a gun free zone college campus about to repeat his crimes all over again.

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