NJ boy’s sudden death in Sep. caused by enterovirus D68

NJ boy’s sudden death in Sep. caused by enterovirus D68

[Ed. – A mutated strain?  Unknown yet, but this boy reportedly went to bed with no symptoms and died in the night.  This virus is no joke.]

Eli — a sweet, active, blonde-haired preschooler — had gone to sleep feeling fine, perhaps dreaming of playing with his sisters or having a fun day at school.

He didn’t make it through the night.

While the young boy died sometime between the night of Wednesday, September 24, and the following morning, it wasn’t until Friday night that authorities figured out why: enterovirus D68, a particularly pernicious strain of an otherwise common virus that has been particularly widespread this year.

While it’s been detected in at least four people who died, Eli’s case is the first in which authorities have definitively cited enterovirus D68 as the cause of death. …

[H]is parents no reason to believe he was direly ill before the virus took his life. Eli was 4.

“He was asymptomatic and fine, and the next morning he had passed,” Plunkett told reporters. “So the onset was very rapid, very sudden. And that’s clearly the big difference (between enterovirus D68 and other enterovirus strains).”

Authorities are testing one other child who attended preschool at Eli’s school, Yardville Elementary, albeit in a different class, for enterovirus D68.

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