Surprise! Ending unemployment benefits increased employment

Surprise! Ending unemployment benefits increased employment

By refusing to authorize an extension of unemployment benefits, Republicans did more for the unemployed than President Obama and the Democrats have done in 6 years.

The New York Federal Reserve conducted a study of the issue and found that there was a huge increase in the number of job openings in the 6 months following the end of extended benefits – an increase of an astonishing 20%.

Washington Times:

Employers were more willing to create jobs and workers were more willing to take them after the expiration in January of a program entitling unemployed workers to collect nearly two years of benefits.

That’s the conclusion of a study this week by the New York Federal Reserve Bank. It found that the number of new jobs that came open each month exploded by 20 percent to 4.7 million by June, six months after the extended jobless benefits ended.

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