Haters’ new tacic: Calling Israel ‘JSIL’ (Jewish State of Israel in the Levant)

Haters’ new tacic: Calling Israel ‘JSIL’ (Jewish State of Israel in the Levant)

[Ed. – Talk about juvenile.  Up next, presumably: Christian State of the United States in the Americas… To be followed eventually by, what, Pagan State of Danes in the British Isles?  I mean, as we work our way back and all.  The wiser we get in our own eyes, the more blitheringly idiotic our intellectual output.]

We now have the latest obscenity in the war against Israel. It comes from three sources — Al Jazeera television, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine held in London, and the German newspaper Deutsche Welle. These are all enemies of Israel who wish nothing less than its destruction.

Their new propaganda tactic is to equate Israel — which they now refer to as JSIL (the Jewish State of Israel in the Levant) — with ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). …

Here’s the first paragraph of the the article in Deutshe Welle [sic]:

Young Americans are opting out of the U.S. military and joining foreign forces. The Israeli army recruited over 100 Americans during the war against Hamas, while others are being lured to join extremist groups.

The article profiles two American Jews who went to Israel: 22-year-old Jason Kraizler from New Jersey, who willingly offers his support to Israel’s efforts to defend itself against Hamas; and Eli Ezer First from New York, who believes that “extreme Islam” is a danger and has to be stopped. …

The article concludes by comparing American jihadists and Americans who try to help Israel defend itself as one and the same, since “Americans are turning to foreign soil to fight, finding meaning, belonging and acceptance.” Not once does the article differentiate between those who seek to fight on behalf of fanatical Islamists who are trying to create a new caliphate, and those who are trying to help a beleaguered democracy, whose citizens share the values of Western societies, defend itself.

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