Man shoots down private spy drone over property, gets charged with gun crime

Man shoots down private spy drone over property, gets charged with gun crime

Leave it to New Jersey to once again be on the wrong side of the gun debate.

In Lower Township, NJ, 32 year old Russell Percenti was arrested after shooting down his neighbors drone that was flying over his property taking photos.

It is bad enough that we have to suffer the Constitution shredding loss of privacy at the hands of the government, but now actively protecting high tech voyeurism when it trespasses on our very own property (500 feet above one’s property is acknowledged as that persons private air space) is a bitter pill indeed.  Not surprising such a miscarriage of justice is taking place in New Jersey.

Allegedly, the flyer of the helicopter drone was taking photos of a friend’s house that was under construction, but that shouldn’t negate the fact that he was flying over other people’s property with a camera attached to a spy drone.  If the, “I was only taking innocent pictures” excuse begins to hold weight, I can only imagine all the pedophiles and sexual deviants who were “accidentally” taking photos  the leaves changing colors that just happened to capture the inside of peoples windows.

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