Are liberals fund-raising hypocrites?

Are liberals fund-raising hypocrites?

[Ed. – Shorter Thomas Edsall: Yes.]

[I]t’s not only the right that uses secretive organizations to keep rich donors anonymous while it seeks to influence elections and policy. Liberals do the same, and the press in large part gives them a pass.

As you no doubt realized while you were reading, the hypothetical described above did not take place, but something approximating it did. Instead of Republican offenders, the players were President Obama, a Democratic Senate, the progressive American Constitution Society, and the Democracy Alliance, a network of very wealthy liberal donors.

Here’s what the Democratic Party and its allies actually did. The American Constitution Society — the left counterpart to the Federalist Society — helped lay the intellectual groundwork for Senate Democratsto put an end to filibusters of judicial nominees.

The elimination of judicial filibusters in November 2013 allowed Democrats to approve, by simple majority, three of Obama’s appointees to the United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, giving liberals a 7-4 majority.

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