Ebola mission not worthy of troops’ sacrifices

Ebola mission not worthy of troops’ sacrifices

The world’s supply of experimental Ebola drug runs dry just as U.S. troops are deployed to West Africa by a commander-in-chief who has never appeared to have much use for the military as an actual military force. He has deployed them there to fight, in all seriousness, the Ebola virus.

A week later, the commander is pictured stepping off Marine One. He offers the Marines guarding him with their lives a lazy half-salute, not even bothering to remove the paper coffee cup from his right hand.

Can one be blamed for wondering if just maybe this president doesn’t like America’s armed forces? Or, perhaps the better question is: How can anyone claim that President Obama has the thinnest shred of respect for America’s warriors when he goes and does something like this?


We are told our soldiers are supposed to help set up new medical facilities. So, we are going to take the finest, most lethally effective military in world history and send them into a petri dish of death to set up tables and cots?

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