Lena Dunham thinks Stephanopoulos is a ‘sexual icon’

Lena Dunham thinks Stephanopoulos is a ‘sexual icon’

[Ed. – The woman is just weird.  But at least it gives us a chance to mention that George is not only handsome but a powerful man…  Sorry, no airsick bags provided for this one.]

Lena Dunham, liberal feminist and star of the HBO series Girls, appeared on Tuesday’s Good Morning America to promote her new book “Not that kind of girl” and was treated to a fawning interview by ABC co-host Robin Roberts. Prior to discussing the book, Roberts proclaimed that George Stephanopoulos was “still blushing because you called him handsome” to which Dunham responded “George is something of a sexual icon.”

Robin Roberts began her promotional interview with Dunham by declaring that she’s the “creative force behind the HBO sensation, Girls. Can’t wait for January to get here. And now she’s an author. She’s adding that to her list of accomplishments…You got rave reviews the last time you were here.” …

LENA DUNHAM: Thank you for having me Robin. 

ROBERTS: You got rave reviews the last time you were here. And George is still blushing because you called him handsome. 

DUNHAM: George is handsome.


DUNHAM: I’m not the first one to have said it. 

ROBERTS: No, but he loved it.

DUNHAM: George is something of a sexual icon. 

ROBERTS: I wish he was down here. Somehow he knows that. Look a little different from the last time you were here. Is it true blondes have more fun? 

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