Barbra Streisand still thinks of Obama as a ‘god’ and a ‘king’

Barbra Streisand still thinks of Obama as a ‘god’ and a ‘king’

Well, ultra-rich, and ultra liberal “Babs” is at it again, heaping praise upon Obama and his “achievements”.

Making the rounds promoting her new album, she sat down this week for an interview with the Associated Press and as usual, politics entered the conversation. She voiced nothing new, proclaiming as usual, her loyalties to the Democratic Party, her wish for Hillary to run, how women are still regarded as “second-class citizens” and this praise for Obama: “I think we have advanced with Obama, and I think people are giving him a hard time, which is not fair because this Affordable Care Act is working and it’s going to help a lot of people. But it’s like Greek tragedy, you know, they always try to bring down the gods, bring down the kings, bring down the leaders.Oh my, there is just so much in that quote. Let’s break it down, shall we?

“We”? Who is she referring to? Certainly not the average working and middle class American. For us, wages are down and net worth has plummeted. Home ownership is down. Food prices, gasoline, energy and rents, all up. High paying job prospects is dismal. The Labor Participation Force is at a record low with almost 93 million potential workers not participating in August 2014. For monitories, things are worse.

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