In Arkansas, it’s Cotton vs. Obama

In Arkansas, it’s Cotton vs. Obama

Tom Cotton has been traveling this large, rural state in a camouflage-painted RV, on the hunt for an “elusive” and “mysterious” Arkansan.

This enigmatic figure is one who invariably sides with President Obama on the issues — a stance generally viewed with distain [sic] in a state that voted for Mitt Romney by 24 percentage points in 2012.

“I can’t find him anywhere I go in Arkansas!” the Republican congressman tells a group of supporters gathered last week at JJ’s Lakeside Café, located here in the southeastern part of the state, a region that traditionally has voted Democratic. “The only place I find him is in the United States Senate.”

Cotton is referring, of course, to his opponent: Mark Pryor, the lone Democrat in the state’s congressional delegation. Pryor is facing his most difficult challenge yet as he vies for a third term. Arkansas has been trending more conservative and Pryor, with his deep family ties in the area, has come to symbolize Democrats’ last best hope for winning statewide here.

But given the focus of Cotton’s campaign, it’s as if Pryor weren’t on the ballot and Barack Obama is.

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