Palin mocks Obama’s latte salute in fiery values voter speech

Palin mocks Obama’s latte salute in fiery values voter speech

Sarah Palin got the Values Voter Summit fired up today with a speech about standing up for conservative values against liberal oppression. Palin even took the opportunity to take out a coffee cup of her own to mock President Obama‘s “latte salute.”

Palin went off on Obama every which way she could, dismissing his “false promises [and] messianic oratory” while blasting him for engaging in “the politics of personal destruction.” In fact, Palin said that the conservatives in the room with her are “the most slandered group in the media today.”

She told the room that they can survive Obama, but asked, “Can we survive the people who voted for him a second time?” Palin was referring to the “dense liberal elite” and their “Orwellian leaders” trying to control people’s lives.

And far from being “prophets of doom and fear” about liberals destroying the country, Palin declared that conservatives are “messengers of vibrant life and real hope.”

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