Moore, OK: Local police classify beheading as a ‘terror event’

Moore, OK: Local police classify beheading as a ‘terror event’

[Ed. – Encouraging news.]

The incident is being considered a “terror event” by local police, Breitbart Texas has learned.

“It absolutely was a terror event,” Moore Police Department Public Affairs Officer Jeremy Lewis told Breitbart Texas. “What is a terror event? Something that causes terror. This caused terror.”

He added that the suspect “made a statement, absolutely…[he] brought terror to that business and now has everyone in a frenzy and did what we categorize terrorists as doing.”

Lewis said that if the federal government deems the crime to be a “terrorist event,” the case and investigation would be taken over by the FBI. The feds will also take over if the case is categorized as a hate crime. …

According to Lewis, the FBI interviewed the suspect subsequent to the event. Although Lewis could not disclose any details of the interview, he said that its results, when released, will make many aspects of the case very clear.

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