Chicago air traffic control center arsonist posted anti-U.S. rant on Facebook

Chicago air traffic control center arsonist posted anti-U.S. rant on Facebook

[Ed. – Doesn’t look like an Islamist terror attack this time.]

The posting, which includes references to being under the influence of drugs, calls government workers “lazy and useless” and said the government “would rather take care of itself and the money in the world, definitely not its people.”

It was posted on the account of Brian Howard, 36, at about 5:36 a.m. local time yesterday, minutes before firefighters were called to the Federal Aviation Administration center in Aurora, Illinois. …

“WAKE UP!” said the message to those authorized to read what’s been identified as Howard’s Facebook page. “This is a gov’t by the people, for the people and of the people which right now equates to immoral and unethical acts. That’s why terrorists and 3rd world nations hate us, because our tax dollars go to more unrest than rest.”

“So we deserve the retribution from people who do not have the same ability for education, work and way of life,” the writer said.

“Take a hard look in the mirror, I have,” the poster continued in a portion of the message quoted by the FBI. “And this is why I am about to take out ZAU and my life.” …

“That being said, who knows what else will become a factor due to gov’t employees being in control of the upcoming situation. Many of them live up to exactly how they are viewed by the public, lazy and useless. But that is what I have come to observe of most US Citizens, lazy,” the writer said, referencing being “stoned and nervous.”

The note listed family members and closed with: “I love you guys and I am sorry. Leaving you with a big mess. Do your best to quickly move on from me please.”

“So I’m gonna smoke this blunt and move on, take care everyone,” the message said.

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