Protest against police brutality features shirts with wrong officer depicted

Protest against police brutality features shirts with wrong officer depicted

[Ed. – What’s the difference. All white people look the same anyway.]

Protests and marches have taken place every day after 29-year-old Charles Smith was shot and killed in an officer involved shooting one week ago, and many people have created memorials and even t-shirts.

But one of those t-shirts has raised quite a bit of concern, showing a Metro Officer’s face. It is supposed to depict Officer David Jannot, the officer that shot and killed Smith. However, the picture used is not Jannot, but another officer who was not even involved in the incident last week.

Police said regardless of whose face is on the shirt, it is wrong. The officer depicted on the shirt said at first he was not scared, but now he worries the shirts may be in existence long after events calm down. He said he is also worried for his family.

City leaders also weighed in and reacted to these shirts.

“Why would someone do something like that,” said District One Alderman Van Johnson. “It boggles my mind, especially with everything going as well as it could for someone to do something irresponsible like that. To put anyone’s face, whether that is law enforcement or not, it is irresponsible and incendiary.”

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