Poland: 600 U.S. soldiers, 12 Abrams tanks arrive for military exercise

Poland: 600 U.S. soldiers, 12 Abrams tanks arrive for military exercise

Nearly 600 U.S. soldiers accompanied by tanks and other vehicles will arrive in Poland and the Baltic states at the weekend for military exercises, the Polish defense ministry said on Friday. …

The ministry said the aim of the exercises, part of NATO’s Operation Atlantic Resolve, was to “guarantee the security of European allies in the face of the latest aggression of Russia in Ukraine.”

“The Americans are training for the deployment of forces and for cooperation with allies,” Artur Golawski, a spokesman for Poland’s armed forces, told Reuters. …

He said that from the total of nearly 600 soldiers, about 200 will arrive in Poland and will be accompanied by 12 Abrams tanks, eight M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles as well as dozens of support vehicles.

“The presence of military units…is an expression of the strength of U.S.-Polish bilateral relations and of the commitment following from Art. 5 (of the NATO treaty) on collective defense,” the Polish ministry said.

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