Good news: Shaneen Allen will be treated like a wife beater

Good news: Shaneen Allen will be treated like a wife beater

If you are a regular to this site then you know the tale of Shaneen Allen, the Philadephia single mom who took a wrong turn into New Jersey (because all turns into New Jersey are wrong and should be avoided) and was facing 10 years because she informed the officer that she had her legal sidearm with her.

I told you how the DA and the Judge both refused to let her enter a pretrial intervention program that would spare her jail time and was created for people like her, no criminal record, first time mistake type people.

Then I told you about Ray Rice beating his wife unconscious and the SAME DA and Judge GAVE Ray Rice the pre trial intervention.

Now I finally have some good news to tell you in relation to this case.

Because of all the outrage and phone calls and emails sent to the New Jersey legal apparatus the DA has finally been pressured into offering Shaneen Allen the pre trial intervention, sparing her from a trial that would have cost her thousands and held a penalty if she lost of 10 years in jail.

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