20 questions for our our political class in DC

20 questions for our our political class in DC

1) Aren’t you essentially arming the very people in Syria you wanted to fight just last year?

2) If John McCain is so sure there are “moderate Muslims” in Syria we can arm to fight ISIS, why did he pose for pictures with ISIS operatives masquerading as “moderate Muslims” in Syria just last year?

3) Exactly when has arming “moderate Muslims” ever worked for us?

4) How did that “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood/Arab Spring initiative turn out? I was keeping up with the Kardashians, so I lost track.

5) Why would our secretary of state show up with a $47 million check of our money for Hamas right at the time they were bombing perhaps our most important ally in Israel?

6) Why would giving millions of illegal aliens amnesty help the economy at a time when the fewest Americans are working since 1978?

7) If Obamacare is so bad, and I agree that it is, how come the Republican-controlled House of Representatives (where the Constitution says all appropriations begin) keep funding it?

8) If it’s called the Affordable Healthcare Act, how come our healthcare is more expensive?

9) If all religions are basically the same, how come Muslims are much better off living here in the “Great Satan” United States than they are living in countries dominated by Islam and sharia law?

10) Why would we fight a war by telling our enemy what we’re not willing to do to defeat them up front and still expect to win?

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