British, American hostages tortured, made to fight each other for amusement of ISIS

British, American hostages tortured, made to fight each other for amusement of ISIS

The Mail can today reveal that the Briton John Cantlie and his fellow hostages have been put through ‘a living hell’, according to security sources with intimate knowledge of their ordeal, and have even been forced to fight with each other for the entertainment of the jihadis.

In interviews with security sources and other former hostages, our investigation provides the first detailed account of what happened to Cantlie and the other men. It makes for gruesome reading.

After Cantlie and Foley were seized near the border, they were moved from prison to prison by the hostage takers before being passed to IS. The torture began almost immediately, overseen by British jihadists who became known by the hostages as ‘The Beatles’.

Both Cantlie and Foley were ‘water boarded’ – an interrogation technique that simulates drowning, in which the victim is strapped down with their mouth and nose covered with cloth, before large quantities of water are poured over their faces. They were also electrocuted and shot with Tasers, stun-guns which cause temporary paralysis, after being dragged from their cells to be ‘punished’ for any behaviour their captors deemed a breach of their rules.

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