Amanda Marcotte: ‘Reality itself’ a barrier to growth of conservatism

Amanda Marcotte: ‘Reality itself’ a barrier to growth of conservatism

[Ed. – Look who’s talking about reality.]

Amanda Marcotte led off her Wednesday piece for AlterNet with a blast at conservatives’ “massive media campaign against reality that spreads out on Fox News, talk radio and the web,” but she went on to opine that adults aren’t the right’s top propaganda priority: “The kids are who conservatives really want. That’s why the right is relentless about its attempts to get into public schools, throw out actual information and replace it with false and misleading ideology.”

Marcotte’s peg was a report from the liberal Texas Freedom Network alleging, in Marcotte’s words, “that conservatives have been able to inject a shocking number of lies and disinformation into [Texas] public school history classrooms.” (Current Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards founded the Texas Freedom Network in 1996 in the hope it would be a counterweight to the state’s powerful Christian right.) Marcotte added that there’s a good chance the bogus lessons will be taught to schoolchildren in other states as well.

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