Republicans trying to snatch defeat from jaws of victory yet again

Republicans trying to snatch defeat from jaws of victory yet again

If the much-anticipated 2014 Republican wave never ultimately materializes, Republicans will only have themselves to blame.

With less than 50 days until Election Day, the overall environment still looks very bleak for Democrats. Nevertheless, in the almost always right Real Clear Politics polling average, Republicans are failing to pull away or trailing (see North Carolina) in several of the key races they must win to win big this fall.

Look no further than my home state of Iowa, where Republicans could potentially blow two very winnable races for House and Senate because they’re running on absolutely nothing other than milquetoast pabulum that makes Romney 2012 look like Winston Churchill.

In Iowa’s U.S. Senate race, the tough-talking Joni Ernst, who cruised to a primary romp in a crowded field thanks to clever ads that depicted her as a gutsy military veteran and sassy farm girl, has been replaced by a demur and defensive general election candidate. In fact, if you watch television here, it appears the Koch brothers are actually running for the retiring Tom Harkin’s seat instead, since they’re pretty much the object of the Democratic attack machine’s obsession. Despite Congressman Bruce Braley’s numerous and well-publicized gaffes, not to mention the fact he’s on the wrong side of every issue voters are the angriest about this year, he’s currently holding a slim lead in the race after unleashing two months of relentless attack ads against Ernst.

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