The NFL owes domestic violence victims a big, fat check

The NFL owes domestic violence victims a big, fat check

The National Football League over the weekend announced the appointment of three domestic violence experts, including a former federal prosecutor, to serve as outside advisors on league policies. It’s also creating a new position, Vice President for Social Responsibility, and promoted a longtime league official to take it. All four of these people are women.

It’s the second major effort that Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have made to address the league’s domestic violence problem, following the controversy over Ray Rice and the beating of his (then) fiancée. The first effort was the announcement, several weeks ago, of new and more severe punishment for players who commit acts of domestic violence.

Both moves were commendable and significant. They still do not suffice. If the NFL and its owners want to “demonstrate our commitment to address this issue seriously and effectively,” as Goodell put it recently, then they should start writing checks. Big ones.

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