Bobby Jindal’s burden: Will voters want another ‘skinny kid with a funny name’?

Bobby Jindal’s burden: Will voters want another ‘skinny kid with a funny name’?

Bobby Jindal is delivering a lecture, and I’m nodding off. We’re at the Heritage Foundation where he is set to release his new energy plan, and the Louisiana governor keeps throwing around acronyms: “LNG” (for liquefied natural gas), “OCS” (for outer continental shelf) and “RFS” (for Renewable Fuel Standard.) WTF?

I wonder if this is reserved for the think-tank crowd, or if he goes through life using abbreviations that 99 percent of his audience doesn’t understand.

Just as I’m about to check out, it’s time for the Q&A (which, I learn stands for “question and answer”) — and I’m relieved, because this is where he shines. Answering questions allows the wonky wunderkind to display his knowledge in a way that is organic and (since he’s being put on the spot) more impressive than scripted remarks. He also turns out to be quick-witted and funny. I secretly fantasize about being the strategist who figures this out just in time for Iowa, bans Bobby from ever uttering another word thatisn’t in response to a voter’s question, and then helps take him all the way to the White House.

The reverie is interrupted by polite applause. It’s over. But a little meeting has been arranged for a handful of center-right journalist types.

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