7 reasons why making D.C. a state would be good for America

7 reasons why making D.C. a state would be good for America

The U.S. Congress has taken up the issue of D.C. statehood this week — the first time in years the issue has gotten even this far. These reasons may help — or hurt — the cause of U.S. capital residents.

1. It would end this obnoxious license plate.

The Revolutionary War-era phrase ”taxation without representation” appears on D.C.-licensed cars — even, with the blessing of President Obama, on the White House fleet. And it is true: Members of Congress that residents did not elect make many of the biggest decisions for the District.

2. It would take the pressure off Louisiana 

Well, for stories on political corruption, that is. The Pelican State has its”Air Mary” charter plane scandal involving Sen. Mary Landrieu and was known for the open-pocketed, frequently indicted (and eminently quotable) former governor Edwin Edwards. Washington, D.C., has had one mayor who used crack, an outgoing mayor under federal investigation and has been the scene of political/sexual monkey business everywhere fromthe Tidal Basin to the pillars of the U.S. Capitol to the White House Oval Office.

3. D.C. could make a deal

How about one voting U.S. senator instead of two? That might clear the path for Puerto Rico, too — but first things first.

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