DNC running ads on black radio stations calling GOP racist for opposing Obama

DNC running ads on black radio stations calling GOP racist for opposing Obama

President Obama is featured in a new ad for the Democratic National Committee, the first in a $1 million campaign to turn out young, minority and female voters in the midterm elections.

The radio ad titled “Obstruction” released Monday laments the opposition Obama has faced from congressional Republicans. It is aimed at black voters, and will run on African-American radio stations nationwide.

“No Democratic President in U.S history has faced the level of obstruction from the Republicans that Barack Obama has. It’s critical that we continue to fight for change and vote on November 4,” the narrator says.

Obama then outlines his vision for an economy where “hard work pays off.” The radio spot features excerpts from a speech, where the president touts higher wages, affordable health insurance and decent health benefits.

The overall campaign is aimed at voters who tend to drop off in the midterm elections, with the lack of a high-profile presidential candidate on the ticket.

Print, radio and online ads will target African Americans, Hispanics, women, Asian Americans and young voters.

At fundraisers throughout the year, Obama has warned Democrats tend to get “clobbered” in the midterms, and consistently described the low turnout as a “congenital disease.”

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