Dartmouth College has Harry Potter-themed floor in dorm

Dartmouth College has Harry Potter-themed floor in dorm

From Harry Potter to the “Herbifloor,” campus housing is becoming increasingly specialized at Dartmouth College.

Students this fall could choose among three new residences designed as “learning communities” plus 10 “design-your-own” communities set up as blocks of rooms interspersed within general campus housing.

The new options are in addition to a dozen affinity communities the college already had, such as the Chinese Language House.

The design-your-own communities are for groups of 9-18 students who submitted applications describing their chosen themes. The results include special blocks of rooms focused on healthy living, modern music and political pragmatism.

“Ethical and plant-based eating,” is the focus on the new “Herbifloor,” while the Harry Potter area is called “Muggles for Magical Awareness.”

The new learning communities are focused on international issues, entrepreneurship and other topics. The largest is the Global Village, involving about 160 students, and is affiliated with the college’s foreign language programs. In that community and others, faculty members will work with the students and develop writing courses and other activities specific to the communities.

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