‘View’s’ new pet ‘conservative’ has it in for Palin, Bush

‘View’s’ new pet ‘conservative’ has it in for Palin, Bush

[Ed. – How precious.]

Via RCP, alternate headline: “New ‘View’ a lot like the old ‘View.’” Except that Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually is pretty conservative whereas Nicolle Wallace is … Nicolle Wallace.

An “Ask Me Anything” segment that had her divulging the stories behind some of the most controversial moments of her time with the Bush White House was easily the most entertaining of the premiere.

She told the story about Cheney shooting someone in a hunting accident, of course, and then got this prompt from new co-host Rosie Perez to indulge her apparent disdain for Palin, I guess as some sort of “View” rite of passage. Rosie “Fire Can’t Melt Steel” O’Donnell piped up too, asking a timely question about Bush’s flyover of New Orleans during Katrina because there are no more recent examples of a president seeming callous and disengaged while chaos erupts around him. …

Anyway, to answer Perez’s question, Wallace’s approach to Palin was allegedly less about popping her from the front than shanking her from the back.

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