Hmm: Center for American Progress drops push for ‘assault weapons’ ban

Hmm: Center for American Progress drops push for ‘assault weapons’ ban

[Ed. – I’m not sure this is unalloyed good news.  I don’t trust CAP any further than I can throw them to pursue background checks and mental-fitness criteria without infringing on civil liberties.  The movement-wide pile-on by anti-gun types has a suspicious aspect to it.]

On September 12, 2014–twenty years after the federal “assault weapons” ban (AWB) expired–the Center for American Progress (CAP) says its push for a renewed AWB is over.

This news came via the release of a CAP study, in which author Arkadi Gerney signaled that CAP will be focusing on “expanding background checks and firearms licensing laws” going forward.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Gerney gave an interview this week in which he said, “On this larger question of assault weapons, let’s take a fresh look and look at a combination of things we can do short of a ban that would make it much harder for criminals and mentally ill to acquire guns.”

On September 9, Pro Publica reported that other gun control groups have altered their AWB posture, as well. For example, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has gone from pushing for an AWB to campaigning for expanded background checks and pressuring businesses to ban firearms in and on their properties.

Moms Demand’s Shannon Watts said, “What’s going to save the most lives are background checks.”

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