The JV president

The JV president

Obama characterized ISIS as the terrorist JV team in his interview with the New Yorker editor and Obama apostle David Remnick. The apostle David served up the gospel of his lord and savior in “Going the Distance.” When White House flack Josh Earnest first peddled the line Obama took in his Meet the Press interview, it was judged false by Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post (rating: Four Pinnochios) and PolitiFact (rating: False). (In case you want to revisit the analysis, Kessler and PolitiFact both pull the relevant quote from Remnick’s gospel.)

Everyone who follows Obama knows that Obama was lying baldly when he peddled this line to Todd. Although Todd showed no sign of it, Todd himself is a leading example of the knowledgeable observer who knows Obama was lying. And Obama knows they all know he is lying.

One wonders why he would let himself be seen to be lying by all such observers. What is going on here? Here some speculation is required. Obama would prefer to be seen lying by the knowledgeable than admit to a significant mistake or misjudgment in an admission to be heard by all, for this is (at best) a spectacular misjudgment.

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