Obama administration trying to degrade and destroy the s’more

Obama administration trying to degrade and destroy the s’more

Most people who enjoy the outdoors have at one time or another found themselves around a campfire, toasting a marshmallow, ready to put that gooey orb of goodness upon a graham cracker and broken chocolate bar to create the American classic, a S’More.

But like most of the goodness in America, the Obama administration has once again taken measures to try and subvert and destroy what is good and replace it with what is acceptable to them.

Health Care, International Affairs, the notion that America should have a border etc. have all been turned upside down and broken by this current administration.  But the depravity of murdering the S’More is appalling.

No doubt being pressured by his “eat kale while I eat cake” plus sized wife, Obama has directed the US Forest Service to begin a campaign to bamboozle Americans changing the American campfire treat into something completely unrecognizable.

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