Roger Goodell must go

Roger Goodell must go

[Ed. – Goodell should never have been commissioner in the first place.]

It is sickening in its violence. A powerful athlete named Ray Rice throws a left-handed jab that knocks then-fiancee Janay Palmer into an elevator railing and sends her crumpling to the ground.

It is shocking in its callousness. Rice stares idly down at the unconscious woman as if she were nothing more than an irksome puddle, then drags her out of the elevator and drops her into a hallway as if she is a sack of garbage.

It is clear in its conclusion. Ray Rice is a man who should not be in the employ of any business that serves as a community symbol, public trust, and, oh yeah, represents America’s favorite pastime.

Yet, until a 7-month-old surveillance video was made public by TMZ on Monday, the NFL didn’t see this truth. Until the public wailed in fright, the Baltimore Ravens embraced their running back hero. Until the rest of the world went into shock, the NFL and Ravens essentially shrugged, and that is the real horror of this story.

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