India: Woman locked in bathroom for three years over inadequate dowry

India: Woman locked in bathroom for three years over inadequate dowry

Indian police officials confirmed that a 25-year-old woman was locked up in a bathroom by her husband and in-laws, for the last three years, for failing to bring adequate dowry.

Dowry is a custom that involves giving cash and/or other gifts to a bridegroom’s family at the time of a marriage.

The female victim was rescued by police from a house in the Darbhanga town, which is 140 kilometres east of the Indian city Patna, Times of India reported.

The woman was found with overgrown nails, unkempt dry hair and damaged clothes.

“The woman could barely open her eyes in the sunlight, as she had survived in darkness and dim light, closeted in the small space. The woman revealed that she was thrown into the bathroom and locked there.

“She was not allowed to see her child, and given leftover food irregularly. It was as if her in-laws were seeking revenge for not bringing ample dowry and for giving birth to a girl child,” said Seema Kumari, the station house officer where the woman was brought in.

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