Ben Carson points out ‘convert or die’ similarity between ISIS and liberal PC police

Ben Carson points out ‘convert or die’ similarity between ISIS and liberal PC police

“Our enemies’ desire to establish a caliphate is no joke,” said Dr. Carson in a Sept. 6 commentary. “Their convert-or-die doctrine parallels some of the social philosophies enforced by the political-correctness police in this country.”

“Either you accept their interpretation of what is moral and correct, or the name-calling starts, and they attempt to destroy your business or reputation,” he said. “We despise the Islamic State, but do not see the same ugliness in our own tactics. The truth hurts, and it is much easier to ignore it or try to demonize its bearer.”

“Unless integrity, courage, and common sense result in the ability to honestly examine our own hypocrisy, we will lose the war of ideas and identity, and the land of the free will become a distant memory,” said Dr. Carson.

In his remarks, Dr. Carson said the Islamic State and other supporters of Shariah law want all “infidels” to either convert or be eliminated, and there really is no way to negotiate with someone who wants you dead.

“Maybe if you meet some of their demands, they will only dismember you or kill you more slowly,” he said.

To combat these Islamist radicals, we need an “overall strategy” with the goal of annihilating the terrorists completely, he said, and which includes “airtight borders to prevent easy access for terrorists.”

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