Poll: 41% believe reclining your seat on an airplane is rude

Poll: 41% believe reclining your seat on an airplane is rude

Reclining seats on an airplane is a symbol of rudeness for 41 percent of fliers, according to a new Survey Monkey Audience poll commissioned by the FiveThirtyEight blog.

Inspired by a number of recent events in which cranky airplane riders have been at odds with one another over the common behavior, the website wanted to know just how bad it really was.

That led to the poll, which was carried out on August 29 and 30.

Of the 1,040 respondents, 874 admitted that they’d flown before, while the rest were yet to take that first airplane trip.

“Let’s first tackle the question of reclining seats,” said contributor Walt Hickey. “Of 858 respondents, 16 percent always recline, 20 percent usually do, 14 percent recline about half the time, 30 percent do only once in a while, and 20 percent never recline.”

Hickey called it a “remarkably even split,” adding that half of the respondents “recline half the time or more,” while half do so “once in a while or never.”

“So, we’re at a bit of an impasse here,” he said. “Only 41 percent of respondents thought it was very or somewhat rude to recline your seat during a flight.”

As it turns out, most people like to reserve the option of reclining seats (70 percent), but 64 percent confessed that a passenger should not recline if the person behind them objected.

And lately, there have been objections.

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