IRS drags feet on releasing interstate migration data

IRS drags feet on releasing interstate migration data

[Ed. – Now there’s a [bleeping] surprise.]

The Internal Revenue Service is dragging its feet releasing data on migration of people — and their income — between states.

In the past, it has taken one to two years for the IRS to prepare and release migration information, but now it will take three years, said J. Scott Moody, who heads State Budget Solutions, a national group dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility in the state governments.

“The data indicates that year after year, people are moving from high-tax ‘blue’ states like Illinois to low-tax ‘red’ states,” Moody, said.

There is no legitimate reason this data would be withheld, he said. …

For example, according to a memo written by Ruth Schwartz of the IRS Statistics of Income Division, migration information for 2012 will not be available until late 2015 – three years after the returns have been filed.

“Please note that this time frame is tentative. We are limited by current project workloads and staffing resources,” she added.

St. Louis researcher Travis Brown wrote the book “How Money Walks” based on IRS migration data.

“This is extremely important information. We are talking about trillions of dollars moving across the country,” he said. “This information is available because of the urging of Congress. There is absolutely no good reason for why the IRS can’t provide this information.”

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