Bob Beckel says global warming bigger threat than ISIS

Bob Beckel says global warming bigger threat than ISIS

Again sounding like an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign team, liberal Fox News pundit Bob Beckel actually said he thought global warming was a bigger threat to the U.S. than is ISIS. He even used some of the exact same verbiage while doing it.

Note how he says the threat is “so much more consequential than ISIS ever was”, which is little more than an amplification of exactly what Clinton said one day earlier:

Here is an account of Hillary’s speech at the Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, via the AP:

Clinton cast the threat of global climate change as real, and “the most consequential,urgent, sweeping collection of challenges” faced by the nation and the world.

Of course, Beckel took Hillary’s comments a necessary step further. While she said “climate change” is “the most consequential” threat, it was Beckel who said it was more of one than ISIS, as if making the position a bit clearer.

This was certainly not the first time Beckel’s opinion has been in lockstep with Hillary’s at a very critical time.

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