Maybe Tebow should have been gay

Maybe Tebow should have been gay

Michael Sam, the under-qualified, undersized, slow, weak, mediocre player from the University of Missouri got drafted because he was gay.  He was cut from the St. Louis Rams because he wasn’t good enough.

The NFL couldn’t have that so they went around the league begging teams to take him on their practice squad.

Jerry Jones eventually figured he could make a couple of bucks on jersey sales and took him on, also figuring that the league now owed him a favor.

Before I go any further, let’s get to Sam’s qualifications first, just so you don’t think this is some subjective viewing. …

NO DEFENSIVE END was slower than Michael Sam.  His 7.8 second 3 cone drill might as well have just had him standing still.  Combined with his 40 time he is slow delinquent in both speed AND quickness.

And don’t think about him knocking down passes, he also had the LOWEST vertical jump.

As for overpowering his blockers, Michael Sam is WEAK.  He only bench pressed 225lbs 17 times.  To put that in perspective, when I played football in college I was 70 lbs lighter than Sam and could put up 225 for 15 reps.

Only one DE did less reps than Sam.

Doesn’t run fast, isn’t quick, can’t jump and is weak. …

Tim Tebow, who when actually given half a chance (half because John Fox was a garbage coach to him) still managed to go 7-4 in 11 games, set a record and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, and had the 2nd most game winning drives (even with starting 5 less games) during the season.

One of these men [has] a job in the NFL…how fair is that?

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