Former N.C. cop arrested attempting to join ISIS in Syria

Former N.C. cop arrested attempting to join ISIS in Syria

A former North Carolina police officer tried to join ISIS, the Islamic militant group responsible for the kidnapping and recent killing of a pair of American journalists in Syria, but was stopped while trying to enter the country.

Don Morgan, a 44-year-old Catholic-born North Carolina native, told NBC News he tried to enter Syria through Turkey but was turned away at the airport in Istanbul.

“My reason for the support of ISIL is because they’ve proven time and time again to put Islamic law as the priority and the establishment of an Islamic state as the goal,” Morgan said in an interview from Beirut before returning to the United States on Aug. 2, when he was arrested on a weapons charge.

At a court hearing in Brooklyn on Aug. 4 after an arrest at JFK, the FBI said it was aware of Morgan’s support for ISIS, but the arrest was for his attempt as a convicted felon to sell a rifle online, and was not unrelated to terrorism.

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