After years of bashing filibuster, will Senate Dems embrace it?

After years of bashing filibuster, will Senate Dems embrace it?

During Harry Reid‘s tenure as majority leader, there has been no dirtier word in the Senate than “filibuster.” On perhaps a million occasions, Reid and his Democratic colleagues have accused Republicans of using the 60-vote requirement to obstruct the Senate and prevent lawmakers from doing the country’s business.

In November 2013, in a virtual frenzy of anti-filibuster agitation, Reid and most of the Senate’s Democrats exercised the so-called “nuclear option,” an unprecedented procedural maneuver that allowed a bare majority of Democratic senators to kill the filibuster as it was used against the president’s judicial and executive branch nominations. Reid left in place the filibuster as applied to legislation, but threatened to kill that, too, if Republicans continued their recalcitrant ways.

That was then. Now, there is a very real possibility the GOP might win control of the Senate in November. For the first time in eight years, Democrats would find themselves in the minority. And you’ll never guess what some strategists close to Reid are talking about: Yes, Democrats are threatening to use the once-hated filibuster to stop Republican initiatives.

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