SWAT team raids NY state gun store without a warrant

SWAT team raids NY state gun store without a warrant

Apparently, when Gov. Cuomo broke the rules and rammed the SAFE Act down the throats of his constituents in the dead of night before anyone read it, it held some disturbing sub parts that are now just being brought to light.

Namely, the 4th Amendment…

A SWAT team raided co-owner Joe Palumbo’s Albion Gun Shop without a warrant. They were acting on orders from the Narcotics Enforcement Unit, who asked the shop to hand over a customer list so they could determine how many people had purchased New York SAFE Act compliant rifles. The gun owner was forced to present approximately 170 sales records. Under the state’s anti-gun law, this intrusion was completely legal.

Ever since the SAFE Act was passed, the New York State Troopers Narcotics Enforcement Unit has been delegated to enforce the act with carte blanche to ignore the Constitutional rights and freedoms that are supposed to reign in tyranny.

And Joe Palumbo wasn’t selling weapons on the sly or in some shady way that would warrant such an intrusion.  In fact, Palumbo went so far as to check with the State Police AND his local police to verify that these weapons indeed were legal to sell under the SAFE Act.

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