The surreal world Obama inhabits: In his own words

The surreal world Obama inhabits: In his own words

People seem to be reading into President Obama’s positions on ISIS pretty much whatever they want to see: He’s wise and deliberate. He’s indecisive. He’s so far-sighted that ordinary Americans may be incapable of grasping his intellect. He’s late, as always, inept and clueless about dangerous issues of grave national concern.

As Americans see countrymen beheaded on graphic videos, Obama and his team consistently seek to minimize spreading foreign violence as regional “challenges.”

Now, as videos show militant Islamists frolicking in the swimming pool of the abandoned U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Obama is also amending what he says he has so often said about al Qaeda being “on the run” or “decimated.”

And then there’s the economy, which most Americans believe is still in recession, and Obama sees as coming along rather nicely.


In an opening news conference statement, Aug. 28: “There are reasons to feel good about the direction we’re headed.”

To a Democrat fundraiser in New York Aug. 29: “The one thing that I can say is that because of the incredible resilience and strength of the American people, but also because we made some good decisions even though they were tough at the time, we are better off as a country than we were when I came into office…”

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