So, what’s up with this Grover Norquist guy?

So, what’s up with this Grover Norquist guy?

AFTER Grover’s speech, I approached him, holding my marked up copy of “Shariah The Threat.” Grover had not answered my question sufficiently. So, I tried again…

Vicki: (Intense eye contact) So, why did you start the Islamic Institute?

Grover: Gaffney doesn’t (inaudible mumble), he (inaudible mumble), didn’t even have a job, (inaudible mumble)…

Vicki: So, Frank Gaffney is lying. What about John Guandolo? Ex-FBI.

Grover: You know why he was fired from the FBI?

Vicki: Women.

Grover: He was sleeping with an informant.

Vicki: I know, I sat next to him on a plane for three hours. He’s my friend. So, that means you aren’t affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood?! What about all the other people and facts? The Holyland Foundation Trial facts, Islamic civilization jihad…you don’t think Islam is infiltrating our schools, courts, White House?…

Grover: (silent)

Vicki: You started the Islamic Institute, you voted for Open Borders, gay marriage, Ground Zero…Fanny and Freddy’s socialistic policies that crashed our economy…

Uninformed RINO: (interrupts shouting,) “Voting?! He can’t vote!! Ha, ha”

Vicki: I used the wrong word. You “supported” raising the debt ceiling! You support Open Borders, the Ground Zero Mosque… all these things that are not Republican or conservative…

Uninformed RINO: (interrupts loudly) In 1963 everyone was talking about…what was it…Communists…

Vicki: McCarthyism?! Yeah, well, McCarthy was right, there were Communists and they won. Our president is a Communist, his

grandparents were in the CPUSA, as was Jarrett’s, and Axelrod’s…Paul Kengor (author of The Communist) has their

Communist Party USA card numbers…I suspect that’s why Grover is doing this…He’s a Progressive, which means

Communist…(I looked into Grover’s eyes when I said this, and I could vow there was a twinkle in his eye, like he was tickled that I knew that he knew that I knew…his little secret.

Grover: (Mumbles)

Vicki: Did you support the Ground Zero Mosque?

Grover: (Mumbling)

Vicki : What?

Grover: I told you.

Vicki: When?

Tim Skow: (interrupts shouting,) “He told you already!”

Vicki: What was the answer? Yes? No?

Grover: (Mumbling)

Tim Skow: (interrupts shouting,) “See, he didn’t!”

Vicki: Yes, he did.

Vicki: (I look Grover in the eye) So, that’s a yes.

Grover: (Inaudible mumble)

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