Trenton, NJ: Moron paints hands of George Washington statue red

Trenton, NJ: Moron paints hands of George Washington statue red

The statue of Washington in a triumphant pose, situated in the park where he turned the tide and won the country in 1776, was cast in Italy. It first was showed at the U.S. Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876 and was purchased by the city in 1896. …

“It was political, I know that,” said artist Jon Naar, whose home on Montgomery has a view of the statue. Known for writing America’s first book on graffiti, Naar noted that only the hands were painted and the statue not otherwise defaced.

Bernice Mitchell, 96, first noticed the red hands on Saturday morning from a sitting room with a view of the square from the Architects Housing complex on Front Street.

Mitchell also noted that someone was careful to paint only the hands, to make a statement rather than deface. …

The hands are at least 20 feet above the street. The statue itself stands on a granite block that stands more than six foot high. …

Mysterious fringe groups have been known to deface Trenton landmarks to make political statements. On the 500th anniversary of Columbus founding of the New World in 1994, an ad hoc Native American group splashed red paint on the statue of the explorer in Trenton’s Columbus Park in a protest about genocide.

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