‘Rogue’ cell ‘towers’ popping up across U.S., intercepting callers’ data

‘Rogue’ cell ‘towers’ popping up across U.S., intercepting callers’ data

So-called rogue cell phone towers, the type that can intercept your mobile calls and data, are cropping up all over the United States, including here in Chicago, according to a company that specializes in developing highly secure mobile phones.

More cell phone users, who fear their information could be at risk, are turning to high-end secure mobile devices. As a result, it is become easier for them to detect the presence of these interceptor devices.

The origin of these devices that disguise themselves as cell phone towers is not known.

CBS 2 security analyst Ross Rice, a former FBI agent, said it’s likely being used illegally. …

“Most likely, they are installed and operated by hackers, trying to steal personal identification and passwords.” …

These devices don’t look like a tower, but are rather electronic boxes and laptops that trick a regular phone that it’s part of an actual cellular network. …

ESD America’s cellphones protect users data, phone calls and text. The phone looks like a typical Android phone, but the inside includes encryption algorithms developed by a German company, GSMK, that protects the phone from intercepts.

ESD has asked them to report when their devices detect a threat.

As a result, the company recently published a map showing 19 such eavesdropping devices across the country, including at least one in Chicago.

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