Poll: 71% support keeping ‘Redskins’ name

Poll: 71% support keeping ‘Redskins’ name

The raw numbers look nice for those who favor keeping the name, but pay attention to the trendline. Way back in 1992, just eight percent supported changing it; last year, as the lefty messaging machine got rolling, it bumped up to 14 percent. Through eight months of this year, it’s up another nine points. Where will it be five years from now? …

Don’t read too much into the numbers among liberals. They’ll become strongly negative soon enough, as opposition to “Redskins” slowly joins the canon of What Good Progressives Believe. …

Another interesting number from the poll: Although 71 percent support keeping the name, just 54 percent think it’s unlikely to be changed. Makes me wonder if there’s a self-fulfilling prophesy effect here, in which some critical mass who oppose the PC option have grown so fatalistic about crusades like this that they’re unlikely to resist as pressure builds from the other side. …

One question that never gets asked in “Redskins” polls, possibly because there’s no foolproof way to pose it, is whether fans would support the team changing its name to “Redskins” now if it had been named something else for the past 75 years. … That may be the only way to discern how much of the support for the name is based on tradition and resistance to political correctness and how much is based on a heartfelt belief that the word really isn’t so derogatory that is should be off-limits to teams.

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