Anti-football hysteric insists football has got no excuse

Anti-football hysteric insists football has got no excuse

[Ed. – Hey, it’s a slow news day.]

With pro and college football set to kick off this week, the official Season of Rationalization is upon us again. This is that special time of year when millions upon millions of fans attempt to justify — to themselves and anyone who dares question them — why they watch a violent, commercialized sport that we now know can cause brain damage. …

[A]llow me to channel my inner defensive fan, if only to set the record straight about how the Football Industrial Complex actually operates.

Excuse No. 1:

The NFL and NCAA are going to find ways to make the game safer!


Fact: Mass times acceleration equals force. Football players are bigger and faster than ever, ergo their collisions are more violent. …

And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knows this. … [Well, butter my butt and call me Q.E.D. Can’t argue with that. – Ed.]

Excuse No. 2:

The players know the risks; they choose to play anyway and get paid millions!


…But the issue isn’t the choice made by players, but the choice made by fans to consume the game. We’re the ones who ultimately elevate players to the stature of demigods, and who pay those huge salaries. …

Excuse No. 7:

Hey, get off my back. I just watch a few games a year!


Yeah, I know. I’ve said the same thing for years.

But the bottom line is that the NFL is the force driving the commercialization of the sport at all levels. It derives most of its profits from passive consumption (i.e., couch potatoes like you and me).

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