Abortion activist compares pregnancy to rape to justify abortion

Abortion activist compares pregnancy to rape to justify abortion

Pro-life activist Sarah Terzo runs a web site that exposes some of the craziest and most bizarre quotes from abortion practitioners and abortion advocates. She recently posted one quote that is eyebrow-raising.

Prochoicer Eileen McDonagh:

“Some might suggest that the solution to coercive pregnancy is simply for the woman to wait until the fetus is born, at which point its coercive imposition of pregnancy will cease. This type of reasoning is akin to suggesting that a woman being raped should wait until the rape is over rather than stopping the rapist…. the fetus is not innocent but instead aggressively intrudes on a woman’s body so massively that deadly force is justified to stop it.”

She acknowledges:

“Few people are going to be comfortable with the idea.”

Eileen L. McDonagh, Breaking the Abortion Deadlock: From Choice to Consent (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. 7, 11–12, 192.

The quote comes from 1996. So surely abortion advocates, almost 20 years later, are wiser and more understanding of the difference between rape and abortion?

Apparently not. Consider this follow up comment from an anonymous abortion activist who defends McDonagh.

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