Will the Middle East ruin Barack Obama’s summer vacation?

Will the Middle East ruin Barack Obama’s summer vacation?

Whoever is in charge of managing the media for President Obama really blew it this weekend.

It already demonstrates a measure of chutzpah when the war-averse President of the United States gets in front of the cameras to discuss his decision to launch U.S. air strikes in Iraq, declaring the U.S. would “maintain vigilance” against the bloodthirsty forces that are brutalizing everything in their path …. just before he gets on Air Force One and takes off for the vacation paradise of Martha’s Vineyard.

But it crossed a line to have the cameras rolling upon arrival at the Vineyard, when you are hitting the golf course first thing on your vacation, which will last for two weeks – he’ll be back at his desk on August 19. Even the usual Obamaphilic CNN generously called the move “bad optics.”

A Reuters report noted that allowing “press photographers to take pictures of the president with club in hand … is rare. Journalists seldom get to view the president playing golf, which he does almost every weekend in Washington when the weather is good. The fact that reporters were given access to him on the same day as his somber comments on Iraq showed a White House wanting to appear immune to critics of Obama’s taking time off.”

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One wonders who made the decision to televise his first day of vacation at all? And if so, why not make his initial activities include little quality time with Michelle and the girls – which might at least justify his absence from the Oval Office – instead of GOLF.

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